Vendor Referrals. You love your clients, we love your clients! If you feel we’d be a good fit for your couple, please contact us. We currently work with many top, award winning wedding planners, in fact, a large percentage of our business comes from planner referrals. You can rest assured that your clients will receive step by step guidance, quality invitations, timely delivery and if needed, professionally managed last minute changes.

Styled Shoots. Nothing makes us more happy than working with a broad creative scope, and some really awesome people. We love working with others in the industry, learning from each other, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and trying out new ideas. Send us an email if you’d like to create something together.

Alissa is absolutely wonderful to work with - Very professional and a creative designer. I have worked with her on many projects (even my own wedding!) and was so thrilled with the result. Very highly recommend. Thank you for everything, Alissa!!
— Julianne Young, Julianne Young Weddings
Plush Invitations goes beyond what I am looking for, every time! I can discuss any design ideas and specifics with Plush, and they can put together something gorgeous better than what I imagine. Professional, personable and very creative, you cannot go wrong with the quality of Plush
— Evelyn, Evelyn Clark Weddings
I love referring my clients to Plush Invitations. The design work is always outstanding! The last wedding we did together the client couldn’t stop raving about how gorgeous the paper was! The process of selecting invitations and wedding day stationery, and then going through the proofing process can be time consuming and a bit confusing. Plush Invitations ensures this process happens smoothly and efficiently. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this awesome company!
— Callandra, Cherry Tree Occasions
As a Wedding Producer, you have always and will continue to be a breath of fresh air in my tornado of wedding planning tasks! The answer is always “Yes”, no matter how tall the order. You always find a way to achieve my vision making our clients get more excited about their wedding than they already were. You are the final flourish to my wedding décor designs. The tables just would not be the same without your creative touch. Consistent support, trend setting details, distinctive design, a keen eye for perfection, and all with a friendly smile… this is what keeps me coming back time and time again.

Your pieces are always the first impression for the wedding guests. It is very important to us that they get very excited about the Big Day based on the tone and feel of the invitation. This sets the stage for the next six months of “hype”. Then when they arrive at the wedding, they get the vision and embrace the ambiance that your invitations helped to create. You and your staff really have your clients’ best interest at heart and you really care about the product that leaves your office. To you, if it’s not perfect, then it’s not finished. Love it!!
— Lynn Fletcher, President Lynn Fletcher Weddings