Printing & Production Techniques: Letterpress

For the next segment of our printing and production techniques series we will be discussing the 500-year-old art of letterpress. While printing by letterpress isn’t the most modern, efficient technique you can choose to use, it does add another, luxurious, dimension to your stationery.


Traditionally, letterpress worked by fixing raised metal typeset onto a letterpress plate… nowadays polymer plates can also be created with your choice of digital type and design. These plates are then pressed against paper to achieve raised lettering and tangibly beautiful results. Letterpress creates quality you can feel. It not only makes for visually gorgeous stationery, but also adds physical texture and depth. Another bonus of letterpress is that you don’t have to forfeit colour for the three dimensional appeal of letterpress. The letterpress plates can be inked during the printing process.


Letterpress is a true artisan craft. It takes plenty of time because each piece of paper is pressed separately. Naturally, this makes your stationery unique. The amount of time it takes to process an order of letterpress stationery and the one-of-a-kind quality of the work mean higher costs. If you desire the obvious quality and luxury of letterpress stationery, make sure to plan ahead regarding both the cost and the time needed complete your specialty stationery. At Plush we work with great letterpress artisans and are happy to collaborate with them to create your dream design.


For a more detailed look at this printing technique, check out this video posted by Crane & Co.

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