Printing & Production Techniques: Laser Cutting

The stationery world is so diverse. It melds old techniques with cutting edge technology to create stunning, innovative designs. With the right tools and a whole lot of creativity, there are really no limits to what can be done.

Here at Plush our standard method of printing is flat, laser printing, but we love collaborating with other vendors to create your perfect design. Please just make sure you leave ample production time (a minimum of 6-8 weeks) for us to collaborate on your specialty services!

Speaking of specialty services, over the next few weeks we’d like to introduce you to a variety of printing and production techniques that we like to incorporate into our designs. First up is laser cutting!


Laser Creative

We have to admit, since the National Stationery Show in May, we’ve been a bit obsessed with laser cutting. This technique is relatively new to the stationery world. Generally speaking, most people think laser cutting is an industrial process used for cutting sheet metal; however, this high-tech skill can be applied to other materials, like paper, too! The beautiful thing about laser cutting is how, when done well, it has gorgeous, sharp edges that allow your design to be detailed without looking sloppy. Whether you’re in the market for something intricate, like an art deco-style pattern, or something simple, like a cameo-style silhouette, laser cutting can help you achieve a super clean, precise design. Keep in mind that pricing is generally based on the amount of time it takes to cut each piece. Intricate designs will take more time, and therefore will be more costly.


Papel Couture

You have to be careful when choosing laser cutting as one of your production techniques. Because paper is such a delicate material, it has the tendency to burn or tear under the laser. Make sure you choose a vendor who really knows the products you wish to use. Laser cutting is truly an art form! Luckily, at Plush we can connect you with vendors who are definitely the cream of the crop!

Check out Papel Couture and Laser Creative for excellent examples of the wide variety of designs possible!


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