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Oscar night paper inspiration*

Watching the Oscars last Sunday a definite trend was apparent – that is the striking, glittery, embellished, metallic, black, gold and graphite look. I couldn’t help thinking of some of my favourite specialty papers out there which would carry this trend beautifully into wedding stationery.

Any of these below swatches would be amazing for an elegant, formal, “Gatsby” style invite… love it! And, how perfect of a match is the last swatch of Chiyogami paper to Stacy Keibler’s gown?

From Left to Right:

1- Marbled Momi Paper – Black and Gold, hand tie dyed and marbled paper with a soft, crinkled texture,–Black-and-Gold_p_1191.html

2 – Recollections® Glitter Paper,,default,pd.html

3 – Pebble Embossed Metallic Paper – Steel Grey, Richly embossed texture in a single-sided metallic finish,–Steel-Grey_p_3037.html

4 -Halcyon Marbled Papers - Midnight, handmade in India from recycled cotton rag,–Midnight_p_4781.html

5 – Precious Leathers Embossed Paper – Black Croc, high gloss, simulated leather patterns are embossed in a scratch resistant, glossy surface that’s colorfast and moisture resistant,–Black-Croc-12-sheet_p_7084.html

6 – Chiyogami – 474C, silkscreened patterns onto machine-made sheets of mixed kozo and sulphite,–474C_p_5080.html

you’re engaged! whats next?*

This time of year the questions start rolling in… When should I get started with my invitations? What’s a good mail out date? What is the process? How long does it take? Understandably, it can all be a little overwhelming. Well, here’s our answer – a nice visual guideline to help sort it all out.

You can open and print a PDF version here.

Plush Invitations Process and Timeline


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