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plush invitations – mini-holiday*

Just a quick note to all, Plush will be closed from Friday, February 10th until Wednesday, February 15th – for a mini holiday in the sun! Have a fantastic weekend and a super Valentines day!

eleven of eleven #7*

Christine & Josh – a unique set with an graphite Envelopments 5 x 7 pocketfold, beech wood veneer, and ultra refelctive metallic silver stock. One of our favourites!






eleven of eleven #8*

Gia & Miguel. Such a sweet couple who were looking for a simple, elegant yet striking invitation suite.
We used Cranes Pearl White stock, a custom monogram embosser, a bold navy blue font and envelope liner. A navy blue ribbon and tag tied their map and response card together in a neat little package. This is a great example, of how to keep an invite simple while maintaining a strong sense of elegance.

Congratulations to Gia & Miguel!




eleven of eleven #9*

Johnson & Associates Interior Design – Plush has had the fortune of creating a holiday card for this lovely company for the last few years. The fact that they let us run wild with ideas, pretty much guarantees this project on our “favourites” list year after year.

2011’s card featured a graphite Envelopments pocketfold, grey and orange letterpress (with a blind graphic print – love!), an aluminum decorative element to seal the pocketcard, and an embossed logo.








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